Our Story



there is something about maryland…

Lemons are given a bad rap. But here in Maryland, they are the subtle centerpiece of society. Whether you are squeezing them onto your freshly steamed crabs, or “crushing” them for a refreshing summer drink, the zest of lemons adds a satisfying layer to the life of Marylanders. 

That is why we started Lemons. We wanted to take the quintessential symbol of Maryland and give it some zest. It was about time we “level-up” the crab.

Because Maryland is about so much more than steamed blue crabs. It’s the peaceful feeling of watching a sunrise on the Eastern Shore. Or the vibrant energy you encounter walking around the Annapolis harbor. Or the warm feeling of home you get walking the locally owned shops of Frederick, Maryland.

The Lemons brand is here to remind you of summers at the Eastern Shore, pickin’ crabs with your family and friends, boating on the Chesapeake Bay, and most of all WHY you love Maryland. Because it is home.