Behind the Logo: Lemons Brand


When I first starting creating the concept for Lemons Brand as a company, it actually was not going to be a clothing brand. The initial concept was more of an online gift store of items that could be sent to someone who needed a little positive boost in their life. I wanted Lemons Brand to be something that could brighten up the day of someone who life had handed a little more than they could handle.

It wasn’t until we worked with Jill of Tomahawk Design Co., a local Baltimore graphic designer, that the bigger picture for Lemons Brand came together. Jill and I discussed the inspiration and ideas behind Lemons Brand, and she created the signature logo that is imprinted and embroidered on all of our merchandise today.

When I first saw the logo that Jill had designed for Lemons Brand, I was instantly inspired to begin a clothing and accessory line. The Lemons Brand logo is something that made me immediately smile, and that is when I knew it was the perfect fit.

The Lemons Brand logo is sort of an oxymoron because two things that can be seen negatively, crabs (being ‘crabby’ essentially) and lemons (sour), come together to create this unique logo that instantly makes you feel a little bit lighter... and that was exactly the message that I wanted to bring to Lemons Brand, that sometimes that most sour and awful times if your life can lead to something amazing.

Thank you for being a part of our little community of optimists :)

XO Lemons Brand


Ah, Ocean City, Maryland. I never thought it would become such a huge part of my life. I have been going to Ocean City every year since my 20th birthday. As you can imagine, a lot has happened in the last 8 years, and each year I visited the ocean with a new perspective. Now at 28, I am taking the inspiration from the Eastern Shore and injecting it into this fresh new brand.

It is amazing how all of your worries and cares just go away when you look into a beautiful sunset, watch the waves crash, or laugh on the beach with your loved ones. It is awesome how the ocean can do all of that.

That is the feeling that I want Lemons Brand to bring. I want it to bring happiness and a bit of charm to those who wear it, just like the coastal town that inspired it.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings, and I hope that Lemons Brand will bring you as much happiness and it has brought me through creating it.

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XO Lemons Brand